‘Blogging? No no no no no... definitely not for me.’ 

My words. Six months ago. 

And yet? Here I am. 

My presence here is thanks to the kindly encouragement of my roistering chum and good friend, Professor Lovely, who said it'd be therapeutic and enlightening for me. I do hope she’s right [the Professor blogs, and she’s both popular and exceptionally good at it]. 

I suppose in the aftermath of some diabolically rough times, and with certain good friends at a very low ebb in their lives, my desire to ruminate has taken a leap into the unknown -- the virtual unknown, indeed.

So it’s worth a try, is it not? Therefore I’ve set myself a target of ten blog posts. During this time, I may even find or develop a voice of sorts. 
[Thank you, Professor Lovely: I’ll try not to let the side down.] 

OK then. Nine to go…



  1. Shamazing start here Buffy Devane 😀😜😎 A great slick intro to a new chapter of your life ❤ I like the idea of experimenting with 10 virgin posts…I cannot wait! Squeezy hugs 😊 X

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  2. I think you may be right… she’s worth her weight in gold. [I hope you’re listening, Professor.]
    Haha I say it’s never too early for champers… it’s always turned 6pm somewhere in the world. 😉


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