With special thanks to my friend Lisa for providing the questions:

NATIONALITY: British & EU citizen. [The latter subject to change. Maybe.]
AGE: Younger than my old soul.
EYES: Two. Both hazel. 
MARITAL STATUS: Single; 'marriage' remains a scary word for us immature folk. 
RELIGIOUS VIEWS: There's a lovely one from the tower of Brechin Cathedral.  
POLITICAL VIEWS: Don't worry, I'll be serious with this one. They're changeable. I often see both sides of political discussions -- which is both a good and a bad thing. 
AFFILIATIONS: Jacobite [mainly for the whisky]. The Seattle Seahawks. 
HEROES: Many. I've been told that you should only have one hero, and that's yourself. But I'm not that enlightened. Yet. 
FAVOURITE MUSIC: 'Canon' by Pachelbel.  
FAVOURITE QUOTE: 'If you're going thru hell, keep going.' [Attributed to Winston Churchill.]
FAVOURITE WORD(S): 'Compassion', 'passion' and 'possibility'.
ARE YOU A LIAR? No. [And I appreciate the pointlessness of the question.]
ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH ANYONE? No. But it would be nice to be; it does bring flavour to life. 
DO YOU HATE ANYONE? 'Hate' is a pretty strong word. And yes. 
BIGGEST FEAR? Of the deep emptiness that I often feel inside of me. 
FAVOURITE FOOD: Anything Italian -- probably due to my Sicilian blood.
FAVOURITE DRINK: Apart from champagne and coffee? A good dry martini.  
TODAY OR TOMORROW? Tomorrow. I've a lot of hope for tomorrow.  
WHAT QUALITIES DO YOU MOST ADMIRE? Authenticity, and grace. 
WHO'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD? A woman called Jennifer who I chatted to for an hour on a train journey several years ago: I could have drowned in her eyes, and her face remains etched into my soul. 
DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN FIVE WORDS: Compassionate; antithetical; confused; verbose; analytical; innumerate.
AMBITION(S)? To conquer anxiety and depression... but never, ever to forget how anxiety and depression strip us of a solid sense of self.

Author: Buffy Devane

Anxietist; Cheerleader; Captain Posh.

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