This idea has been inspired by another blog -- though the views are my own.

Sometimes it's difficult, when someone's on the rack of anxiety, to know how to behave. 
The following is what I'd ask someone for, if I could, when I have to go to that excruciating, lonely place: 

If you'd be so kind... 

[1] Please don't judge me. 

[2] Reassure me, and do so honestly. If you can do this, it means such a lot.  

[3] Please don't look at me with pity in your eyes. 

[4] Do indulge me just a little -- but not too much. 

[5] Please don't put on a condescending voice or talk too slowly: I've not lost my mind.

[6] Listen to me... even if I repeat myself sometimes; I'm mostly trying to get my thoughts straight.  

[7] Please don't talk to me as if I'm stupid: my rational sense remains largely intact, even if my communication skills have dimmed. 

[8] Keep things light in tone... but feel free to remain serious. 

[9] Remind me of possibilities... rather than of all the closed/locked doors in life. Doing so can indeed make all the difference.

Thank you.

Author: Buffy Devane

Anxietist; Cheerleader; Captain Posh.

3 thoughts on “NINE REQUESTS”

  1. Yup. Especially your point about listening, and needing to get our thoughts straight. Don’t know if it was intentional, but I loved that you left the 10th spot for us to fill in. (A hint of OCD tells me lists MUST end at a logical stopping point).

    [10] Please don’t tell me you know EXACTLY how this feels. My crazy has spent years learning how to be unique.

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    1. Thanks Gabe. Haha it wasn’t explicit, but after I deleted my original point 10th point — which was essentially point [2] repeated in different words — I did think that there was a deliberate space for someone else to add a tenth!
      Yours is very good… there’s few things worse than someone with a “been there, done that” attitude to any kind of suffering, which undermines its validity, in many ways.

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