I think I've missed 'Blue Monday' [the day, not the New Order single]. 
Apparently it was two weeks ago, and I was a wee bit busy.  

Well... I'm glad. 
Like I'm glad I missed 'Black Friday' back in November. 

I'm not fond of the media telling me when I should be worried, or unhappy.
[Probably one of the many reasons why I'm generally pretty rubbish at social media, really.]

In such a divisive and uncertain time, with occurrences such as the presidency of Donald Trump and of course the Brexit causing divisions at home [the UK in my case] and abroad, it is almost as if it's a moral duty to be sad, concerned, or anxious. Or even outraged.

But is it? 
Why do I feel guilty, at times, for being often indifferent to the problems of the world at large? 

This formed a recent conversation with my good old spiritually-minded chum, Ms Sweetly, who was speaking of 'circles of concern' and 'circles of control'. I need to read up more on the subject, but Ms Sweetly says the basic idea is that the less time we spend on those 'big issues' that are [largely] beyond our control, and the more time we spend thinking on things that are [e.g. our health, or timekeeping, or friendships], the more content we are in the world. 

It's obvious, really... but wisdom is often obvious, when we think about it.

The point is, life gives us enough lemons, sometimes, on a daily basis... and that's without the worldwide stuff. 

Of course, the concerns of friends and family will be our concerns too, as will global concerns every now and then -- and if we're activists at heart we would follow our hearts when we can -- but there's no harm in not caring if it's not in us at the moment, I think. 

Year after year for over three decades, I have worried and fretted and cried about a number of things well beyond my control... and, of course, nothing has come from this, except sadness and regret and anxiety pulsing thru my body.

But heck, if worrying did bring global harmony, I'd probably make it my hobby. 

A friend of mine who is a recovering alcoholic is very fond of The Serenity Prayer, which I'm sure a lot of people will know a variation of:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change,
The courage to change the things I can, 
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Or as Mr Buffy would put it today: 
Don't worry about not being worried... it's a Good Thing not to worry.


  1. I am gravely concerned for America and what hell that mad man will drive us it. But for as angry as I am, I won’t forfeit one dance, laugh or hug. In fact, because of his treachery I seek out life affirming nuggets while we march, call, write and speak.
    Stay Bright and Strong and take care of you first.

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