A good day, was Friday. 

Busy-work was minimal; my evening with my vivacious chum and dining companion, La Latina, was excellent; and the day was completed with a good glass of fine[-ish] wine in a trusty Chesterfield armchair, sharing some creative thoughts with a few of my deliciously erudite fellow bloggers. 

Mr Anxiety... where were you yesterday? You were not missed... though you were in my thoughts. Obviously.  

Amid this excellence, though, I found my thoughts turning towards the talent of m'fellow bloggers. This past fortnight I've been inspired, comforted, amused, warmed and energised by them. 

By them. 
         By you. 
                 All of you.

A wise old family friend of mine once told me [when I was about 12] that he felt one of the key ingredients to happiness was to "make peace between your ambitions and your limitations", and I've never forgotten it.

Over the years, having certain doors of opportunity closing whilst others have slammed in my face has taught me, sometimes brutally, the depth of my own limitations. No bad thing. I consider myself a realist, after all [though it's a whole blog post in itself to begin to define such a term!].   

But I can list a few of my current limitations, anyway: 

[1] I'm a dilettante. 

[2] I'm a bit rubbish at taking setbacks in my stride. 

[3] I lack initiative in any great abundance. 

[4] I'm too shy when talking to people I admire. 

[5] I take responsibilities too seriously... which is why I run away from being given responsibilities, often at great speed.  

[6] I sometimes lack the courage to speak out when others are being intimidated/bullied. [Though it's different if I'm the victim.]

[7] I'm the worst saxophone player in the history of humanity. 

[8] I am not a good dancer... it turns out that my lady friends were humouring me about this in times past. Just because 'YMCA' was at Number 1 when I was born, does not mean that I was destined to be a stylish mover... sadly.

Hmm... not the worst list in the world, is it? I could add the Anxiety and Depression predilections to that list, but they sort of go without saying by now[!]

These limitations are of course not things to be proud of, and maybe not things to be necessarily ashamed of... but I accept them. That's important to me. I think it's healthy. 

And, being aware of my shortcomings, I think that makes me well-suited to find my place here, knowing that I will not set the blogging world alight [and a good thing too, as I'd feel it too much a responsibility], but am still content to tread my own path thru it, and even be able to throw a few doors open, every now and then. 

Anyway, to all the people I've spoken to on here so far... thank you. I've been energised by you, and I like to think we've been synergised by one another, if only a little. 
You've reminded me that it's important to think on the possibilities, every now and then. 

Make a peace between your ambitions and your limitations... and keep an eye on your possibilities. 


  1. I like that you use words that I’m not sure of the meaning of 😂 You are still very self-depreciating though and that i hope is a goal for you…more blowing on your own trumpet lad like what I do 😁😂

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    1. Good grief [!] Haha well I won’t be able to show the Vicar your comments today, that’s for sure. He’ll choke on his crumpets! 😉
      Oh gosh well I really can’t say if I can trumpet my own sense of fabulousness [such as it is]… believe me, though, it’s something that I’m going to examine closely.

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    1. Ah, thank you, Jo… haha to be fair you’d probably only need 4 or 5 minutes’ of learning to be a better saxophonist than me. 😉
      It’s good to recognise your limitations… we’re all better people for doing so, I think.
      Hope you have a great weekend, too. 🙂


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