Yep... that's the analogy that popped into my head when I woke up -- so I thought I'd type it out quickly: 

The eagle over the water. 

That's how I see myself.

Flying an uneven flight... 
Sometimes soaring, majestically, wings outspread, the whole beautiful landscape beneath me. 
Sometimes wobbling... descending... and then plunging beneath the water. 

Spluttering, struggling to breathe, feathers weighed down with murky water.
I'm impeded, slowed down, pissed off... but I don't stop.

And then, the trajectory is upwards again: up towards the sun, high in the sky. 
Happily, heavenly heights. 

It's possibly the way the flight will always be... 
High and low; sometimes serene, occasionally dangerous. 
Sometimes swift, occasionally apathetic. 

One thing remains constant, however: 
The flight over the water 
Is always in a forward direction. 


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