I'm seeing [and enjoying] a number of romance-influenced posts at the moment... most probably due to the Valentine's countdown?  

Anyway, I'll post this while it doesn't feel out of place, so I can spare the feelings of foolishness: 

"A kind of true love?" 
I do get quizzical looks. 
But that's as far 
As I can define it. 

You were, and are, a being
Of Promethean heat; 
An Aurora of my ever-open heart 
Perhaps too dazzling? Hard to say. 

And the smoke in my eyes? 
The old song lyric got it right.  
My heart was happy to be on fire; 
Less happy to cool. 

Sadly we were not the only ones
In this tender equation. 
My ego growls 
While my soul sadly understands.

But my heart's not warm for you alone; 
I've a different warmth; a great warmth 
For those I love but don't desire.
It will more than suffice.

So would I change the past? 
Alter causality to spare the pain? 
All things considered
Lord Tennyson said it best. 




  1. Yeah I’ve found only 1 poem about love on my timeline today haha (no, it wasn’t yours). I like urs. It doesn’t sounds like “crying-romanticism”. Well done. The other one was good as well…called “Maybe” 😂

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