This is a first... maybe... 

It's a somewhat pointless blogpost, written as I'm sitting here with my big coffee, taking a break from some emails that I need to have completed by tomorrow morning. 

What began as an inconvenience -- leading me to gnash my teeth and consider wailing at the moon, all while standing on the roof of Chez Buffy -- has now been translated into one of life's quiet joys.

As I write this it's nearly 2am. The nearly-inaudible little television is on in the corner -- 'talking wallpaper' to keep absolute silence at bay -- and the little lamp is in the other corner. 

And the displeasures of the stressful day? 
They've boiled away.

What I find about The Night Shift [such as I'm now calling it] is that the world seems to operate on a different, gentler rhythm when the world-at-large [at least in the UK] is asleep. 

My thoughts are more tender; I'm more inclined to whimsy; I actually feel very powerful... in a smooth and subtle manner.

My mind is calm -- and as a by-product of this, it feels sharper, clearer, and something akin to a little clever.  
Don't get me wrong, I know that when the effects of t'big coffee wear off I'll need to shuffle off bedwards, else I'll sleeping with my face in the trusty old beige shag-pile rug [again] -- but while I'm here, it's a slow-burning moment of joy.

I honestly don't feel that I have a care in the world, at this moment: someone's definitely snatched the superabundance of neuroses from my mind and hidden them in a locked cabinet, presumably labelled: "Not To Be Opened Until Sunrise... So There, You Bastard". 

It's all borderline transcendent... and deliciously so.

Anyway, I really should do this more often: especially the writing of emails. The Night Shift seems to nullify the vexatious and intrusive mind-static of the day.

Hmm... I take it back. 
This blogpost isn't somewhat pointless; it's a nice nocturnal snapshot.

~ FIN ~



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