Here he was. 
In the Garden of Peripeteia. 
He sighed. 
He cried.
He'd thought he was so clever?
He wasn't. 
Thought he'd got life all worked out?
He hadn't. 
Thought he knew the ways of the world? 
He didn't. 
So here he was standing, now: 
Sans friends. 
Sans phone. 
Sans wallet. 
Sans trousers. 
Wiser but sadder? 
A puddle of sagacious sick 
On the floor of a taxi. 
Images pulsing through his head. 
The grief was palpable. 
The guilt was downright chewy. 
Besieged, he was
By a battalion of sorrows;
His face chock-full of sobs. 
He got it, now: 
No need to sneer;
No need to think he knew best; 
He knew better than that, now.
He'd been a shit-slinger
And a victim of the same.
But now, having had 
The shit kicked out of him
He was no longer full of shit. 
So the Garden Gates swung open
And he gratefully rejoined
Friends and others,
Having regained 
The greatest prize of all:


      1. Aww, that’s very kind of you to say. 🙂
        Haha I’m happy to take ‘romantic darkness’… that’s a great phrase!
        As I said in a comment above (or below), a lot of the credit for the post should go to Aristotle. 😉

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      2. Haha! I don’t think you mentioned it but perhaps you just fit the personality of a chesterfield very well 🙂 I suppose technology leaves little space for quill pens these days… although it would be tremendously charming to blog by quill.

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      3. Haha well I’m gratified that I give off that image(!) You are very perceptive. 🙂
        Yes… maybe it’d be good have a quill in the study just to sign one’s name on Christmas cards or some-such? Writing and scanning whole blogposts would be rather time consuming… though charming! 😀

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  1. No idea how you do this Buffy, or I should say keep doing this. With many things in life I feel like with time and practice I can do anything. Not this – it’s amazing and I have no idea how you do it. Tipping my hat to you sir.

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    1. Why thank you, sir… you are very kind (as you always are).
      Actually I will tip my hat likewise — and without hesitation — as your own posts are consistently excellent… sometimes you’ve said it all in your posts, and I’m at a loss to add anything, beyond a non-verbal thumbs up(!)
      So thankYOU for being one blogger I know I always look forward to reading.


      1. Hehe. Just writing you an email as we ‘speak’ to praise you in your efforts! You shouldn’t beat yourself up – you are quite the excellent writer! I find that the ones we ‘think’ should go in the bin are often the best! It’s all a matter of perspective!

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      2. Aww, that is most kind indeed(!)
        Haha yes, definitely perspective… it’s why so often we all suffer from a rather ‘dodgy’ inner-editor… one that perhaps needs often to be over-ridden/ignored. 😉

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