Stalking thru the night
His fanged mouth taunting, hissing:
"Utterly worthless!"

I don't want His shit. 
Mr Wulf... take your teeth out!
L'insomniaque's blues.

Neurons firing wrong.
Noting it's fiction saves me.
Gotta fight it out. 

"I'll look back and laugh." 
That's my sleepy mantra, now.
Silent, gritted teeth.




      1. Oh, how many guests? I don’t like playing host… as a rule I don’t cook if I have more than one guest: we go out to eat!
        I hope you get some good sleep amid all the weekend hosting(!)


      2. We’ll be 6 lol, I have to cook for 6 people….aaaaaaaaaa! too much. But yeah, we’ll go out tomorrow day-ev, but I can’t push them out of the house tonight because they’ll drive 5 hours, so no outing. Goooooddd, I have to buy an elephant i guess, to feed so many ppl.

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    1. Oh bless you, Amanda…no worries at all; I’m sorry it’s been so rough for you recently. 😦 Mind you… it’s Half Term Friday, so that’s something I hope(!)
      I can’t complain (apart from the complaining I’ve been doing in blogposts!)… 6/10 for me. It’ll do. 😉
      Take care. 🙂

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      1. Thanks, Buffy. It’s just something I need to ‘ride out’. Hasn’t helped having the kids home driving me crazy! That blog post was very easy to write, let me tell you! 😜

        And 6/10 ain’t bad! If we throw in a strawberry cider, can we make it an 8?

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      2. Haha I’m sure it was!
        And I think I can understand… it’s good that you appreciate that need to ride it out: sometimes we fight it and it sends us a bit mad. 😦
        Haha well I’ll be honest with you… adding strawb-cider could bring it up to the heady realm of a 9(!)
        Hmm, is it still only half two…? 😦

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      3. Oh, there’s no point in fighting it – it always bloody wins! It’s best just to crack the joss sticks out and zone out!

        …that it crack the strawberry cider out! Roll on evening, I say!

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      4. Ah yes… I think I’m going to get me some joss sticks from the big shop and then the Zone-Out Zone awaits…
        Oh yes, and not forgetting to stop off at the drinkies aisle, too… ‘delizia alle fragole’, as they might say in France. 😉

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      5. The zone-out zone is what dreams are made of!

        I don’t know much French… but I’m guessing that translates into “let’s get drunk!”

        Oh, I have a favour to ask… a fellow blogger said he can’t access my blog – it’s not loading or something, can you just check it from your end? See if it’s loading as usual? Bloody WordPress! I despair of it! 😞

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