When I wore a younger man's clothes, I had an associate, a fairly elderly gentleman, who the locals and I would nickname "Grateful Gordon". 

Why so? 
Firstly, because his given name was Gordon. 
Secondly, because his eccentric manner included adding the [conflated] words "thankyouverymuch" to every sentence. For example:

-- "Hallo Gordon. Nice weather today." 
-- "Yes, beautifully sunny, thankyouverymuch."


-- "Off shopping, Gordon?" 
-- "Ah yes. Gotta get me fishfingers before big-shop closes for t'day, thankyouverymuch."
-- "See you, then."
-- "See you soon, thankyouverymuch."

You get the idea, anyway. 

Every. Single. Sentence. 

It was enough for him to acquire the nickname. 
I will admit, though, that it was myself who coined the nickname -- nicknaming seems to be my 'thing', and in my defence, no-one's ever been given a derogatory one [except, perhaps, my associate "Old Bastard"... but that interesting gentleman will be for another post, another time]. 

I always considered Grateful Gordon, like his contemporary, Careful Clive, to be an amiable, gentle, harmless fellow. He was "good value" in that some people found his eccentricities amusing... but I also very much admired him. In his own way, he was very wise, very profound. 

To have gratitude is to have a bright light in one's heart.

The thing is, my life is far from perfect. 
2O17 is proving very hard. 
But it's a darn sigh better than 2O16 [particularly the latter half] and, in spite of ALL the bloody awful, rubbish stuff that's coming along [Anxiety takes Gold, with Depression coming up behind... thus far] I find myself, oddly but wonderfully, being very much "a Grateful Gordon" for the good stuff that's here in my life at the moment: 


That's a pretty good list, for me [!] 
It will do nicely.  

I've noticed that when I comment on people's blogposts, I often thank them for sharing their stories, their pain, their wisdom...I sometimes wonder if, upon repetition, this could appear disingenuous? 

I hope not. 

If I wasn't actually thankful, I would just be silent... the fact remains that I appreciate every post that I read. It's heartening to know that there are so many thoughtful, intelligent people around... and that's just my limited experience of WordPress. 
[And as an aside, it's so very much better than reading British political newspaper articles...!]

As a general point, I find that people who scorn gratitude tend to be mean-spirited people. 
And I'm afraid I must confess, I do detest mean-spirited people. 

I mean: Bitterness? Oh yes, I certainly know all about that [!] 
But true mean-ness is somewhere deep in the soul, sadly. That's my philosophy.

Anyway, here's hoping we can all be a bit of a Grateful Gordon, at least once a day, maybe? 

It can keep us well -- and keep us happy.


  1. Lol, it would have driven me crazy if someone said “thankyouverymuch” after each sentence. I get gratefulness, but that’s taking it a bit too far that it makes me wonder if he really WAS thankful. 😛

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    1. Ah, well our conversations were 2 or 3 sentences long at best… the gentleman was a little impaired, I believe, so I never really doubted his sincerity.
      Haha I know what you mean, though: some people pile on their gratitude and similar; false to the level of Uriah Heep or similar! 😦

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  2. Nicely written (as always) dear sir. I enjoyed the distinction between bitterness and meanness. I think, in our minds bitterness is a state that is “given” from other people or “translated” by our inner spotlight.
    Thank you (once per day at least!)

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    1. You’ve very kind. 🙂
      Ah yes, you said it just right there, I think. The inner spotlight’s indeed a good, useful analogy. It’s worth more consideration (I usually just type these things out without much thought!).
      Haha, — and thank you, too!

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  3. “To have gratitude is to have a bright light in one’s heart”

    I love that. I try to be a Grateful Gordon as much as possible (sometimes failing, but I try).

    I also give everyone nicknames. God-given names can be BORING! haha

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    1. Thank you. 🙂
      Haha well no-one’s perfect… to try is what it’s [mostly] all about.
      Haha I’m glad it’s not just me! I was asked by a friend recently if I had a pet nickname for all my chums/associates… I replied that I was working on it. 😉

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    2. Hi Carolyn… just getting in touch here because I tried to leave a message on your blog but WordPress is messing me about.
      I know what it’s like to be highly sensitive around ‘dramatic’ people… lots of anxiety! 😦
      But you’re doing well: hang on in there. 🙂

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  4. I enjoyed this a lot, partly because the gentleman you know reminded me a lot of someone in my life and partly because I often feel the same way about expressing gratitude on blog posts. I find myself saying thank you a lot too, and worry about it not coming across as genuine (wonder if this reflects our mutual anxiety!?) Either way, it is always genuine and always through humility. I am so comforted by the posts I read on here and the small circle of genuinely thoughtful and sensitive people whose writing I take such comfort in ❤ – thanks for sharing! 😉

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    1. You’re most welcome; I’m glad this resonated with you… haha it might indeed reflect our mutual anxiety! There is indeed a lot of comfort. It’s fabulous to find it in a small space of time, too. I’d like to be able to be on here all day. 😉

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  5. 1. Its only february… so we can’t tell for all 2017. You’ll survive, (honestly don’t know even how to call you hahaha, I don’t like the first name much, but i think sounds a bit better than Devine. So maybe let’s say -), dude!?
    2. I think it irritates me when ppl are writing thank you every time, but in real life – its ok…feels kinda – “they appreciate what you does/did), but also, mostly older ppl will thank you soooooo often ( or very young lol, they taught to do so)
    We, who stuck in the middle, don’t know really what we want, everything irritates us, we are climbing the mountain of “I want That All” but we’ll never get there.
    3. So Grateful Gordon is OK. Now about you. I find it sometimes disturbing when you comment with “thanks and kind of you etc”… but I always think: “Ok, maybe he really mean it. Calm down Victoria”. Why? Because before (previous years of using net) I’ve used it only like a sarcastic when I wrote it – I didn’t mean it.. I know, sounds mean. Im mean. A bit. Aint we all?

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    1. Thank you… haha I’ll answer to “dude”. 😉
      Ah, that’s interesting… yes I think “thank you” can be overdone… especially when people thank us for our thanks… it could be an Ouroboros situation[!]
      Oh gosh, Victoria, I didn’t realise thank-yous could be associated so strongly with sarcasm… tricky to be sure on the internet, I think? As a rule, I’m never sarcastic on the internet, myself. Haha I save it all for the pub!
      Lots to think on, anyway [!]

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      1. Haha well you never know… I’ll look out for sarcastic thankyou’s from people!

        Hehe well I’ve become well-known at the pub… possibly a bit of a ‘character’ but not yet a bete noire of the manager. 😉


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