Dedicated to Ms.SG41, Big Mac and Amanda Lyle... some hasty and possibly rather ill-conceived rhyming haiku for the Sunday evening drinker... 

For sanity's sake 
Drown in the alcohol lake
Where fun is not fake!

Will you pour the gin?Β 
Add tonic and we'll begin.
So let's say "chin-chin".

Drinkers are no fools 
They follow Cider House Rules:
Wisdom, beyond schools.

Is it white, or red? 
Down the boozy lane I'm led 
Sod tomorrow's head! 

Just stand in my shoes; 
To thrash them Sunday night blues 
You can't beat the booze. 

Drinks all round!




    1. That it is… but it’s very old-fashioned (as am I, probably). “SlΓ inte” is a good old Scottish one, but cheers works fine for me… I don’t care, really, as long as there’s a glass in my hand. πŸ˜‰

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