Do bear with my verbosity this evening, chums, as the Laws of Metaphysics force me to be a little more delicious than usual, though my current eccentric giddiness is actually down to spirituality rather than champagne... though, admittedly, the effect is much the same. 

Sometimes, the light can shine down on us in the most unexpected places. 
For me, today it was the M&S store at the local retail park.

But first, some background: 
A while ago I told of my own version of "The Twilight Zone", a not-so-fabulous place that I occasionally go to. 
All things have their equal and opposite, of course, so it feels good to name a place that I like to call THE AURORA ZONE. 

I name it after two figures of fiction and mythology: 

[1] Princess Aurora -- aka Tchaikovsky's 'Sleeping Beauty'. 
[2] Aurora -- the Roman Goddess of the Dawn. 

As such, the Aurora Zone is the name of a place in the mind, a place where I sometimes find myself, in an almost meditative state of being... somewhere between sleepiness and illumination.


So anyway, this afternoon, my busy-work done, I felt a little tense [fall out from the anxiety-laced weekend, perhaps?] and felt the need to go shopping at the retail park -- or, as some locals term it, "big shops". 

And as I staggered into M&S [as I do], remembering what a chum had told me about the cheap booze [the pizza & Prosecco deal for £1O looking particularly fun], I suddenly and inexplicably felt myself in a different psychological place... 

A familiar place. 
A good place. 
A calm place. 

I'd been there before, and I wish I could describe it at least adequately... but I can't.  

I simply found myself wandering up and down the aisles, in a state of blissful, almost medicated, serenity. 

The other shoppers might have thought me mad, or high, or drunk. 
I wouldn't have cared. 
Even now, back at Chez Buffy several hours later, I don't care. 

The point is, this afternoon I was indeed in The Aurora Zone.

That's the only word to describe it. 

Now, this entry into the Aurora Zone did not come thru stimulants, intoxicants, or conscious effort [indeed, this weekend I'd prayed the be in such a place!] so I simply do not know how I got to be in this Zone, under the warm and bright spotlight -- and it certainly didn't happen on most days I've been to M&S. 

But I wasn't complaining. 

Often, like when pondering the Meaning of Life, we're just content to enjoy the mystery of it for the mystery that it is -- with the knowledge that trying to work it out most often leaves us knackered and a little bit mad. 

The effects of the Zone have lasted for hours, I'm happy to report. I do wish you could all join me. 

Maybe it's just me, over-sensitive as I am, simply appreciating feeling calm in an over-heightened manner? 
But essentially, of course, it doesn't matter.


This fusion of relaxed sleepiness and wide-awake enlightenment, though it sounds an inherent contradiction, is indeed one of the finest experiences around. 
It produces a slow-burning joy... one arguably finer and better than any 'high' produced in the brain.   

Once found, this place, this state of being... cannot be unfound... we might not remember where it is, but it will always be possible [if not always easy] to get back there. At some point. 

Which can only be a Good Thing. 

The possibility of it is a strong positive force in my life. 

My view is that the Aurora Zone is essentially open to all, regardless of age, gender, looks, money, geography, political persuasion, or life-circumstance: all you essentially need is a very open mind, an open heart, and a little bit of luck. 

There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our often narrow philosophies, indeed...

Anyway, thank you for reading these metaphysical ramblings... and while it's probably unlikely that I'll be seeing you at t'big shops, I'll look forward to seeing you in the Aurora Zone, sometime soon. 

Take it easy.


  1. The Aurora zone sounds simply divine! One must wander the aisle of Marks and Sparks more often. Oh, and enjoy the Prosecco. I had some last night and it was rather delicious. I also slept like a baby! Win win! 😊

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    1. Ah, good to hear — Prosecco AND good sleep? Your cup (i.e. champagne flute) runneth over. Good to hear. 🙂

      Haha I seem to recall someone mentioning Sparks’ champagne to me in a recent comment — put me on the road to the Zone, it did. 😉


  2. For a moment I thought this was a really sneaky advert for M&S. It was very convincing, it is a soothing place to go, nice lighting, most food and drink you could want. But then it was so much more than that.
    I’m off on a treasure hunt, I have map and shovel in hand and I am confident I’ll find the aurora zone soon. Too bad this treasure map appears to be dancing instructions… (kudos to anyone who gets that reference…)

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    1. Ah yes, thankyou… haha, well, given that I possess no creative subtlety whatsoever, if the blogpost HAD been an ad, I would have given it the title: “You Should Really Shop At M&S ‘Cuz It’s Great”. 😉

      I wish you good fortune in your Tresz Hunt: sadly I’ll have to pass on the kudos as the reference eludes me: I’m pretty certain it’s not a 1980s teen movie reference, which is just about the only subject with which I can speak with any authority — and not much authority, at that. Ah, well.

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      1. I would probably still read that blog post if it your name on it :p I’d love to see some M&S based poetry Hehe.
        Also it’s a pretty obscure gamer reference. It’s sadly not even an eighties one technically as it released in 1990, though if like me you consider the first couple of years of a decade to just be a continuation of the previous decade, then maybe it’s still eighties?

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      2. Ah, too kind. 🙂 Haha I’ll put “product placement posts” on my maybe list. 😉
        Ah right; I can get a little lost after ZX Spectrum games of the late ’80s… that said, it’s a bit of a talking point in my philosophers’ circle as to whether 1990 [and indeed 1991] can be termed as ’80s in style… I agree with your good self, and the group consensus [for all our disagreements] is that the fall of the Soviet Union is the definite cut-off point. [Yes, we’ve discussed it a lot… such is the power of creme de menthe…]

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      3. Oh, I wouldn’t be jealous… ’tis only “pub-philosophy”, after all. Socratic it ain’t… nor as wise as our pretensions might suggest. The most choice epithet to describe us would be “drunken”. 😉

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  3. So…does it mean you’d like to bring the end of your days at M&S? Or maybe even to die there?
    Interesting, if we’ll die – will we still be able to visit that Aurora place? Or will we just float there 24/7? What a name btw, haha just like a famous ship – Aurora = 1900 Russian protected cruiser (in St Petersburg) 😬😂✌️

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    1. Haha you ask good questions… I think the manager of M&S would have a bigger say than I. 😉 Not a bad idea to float in the Zone 24/7… but that’s just me…

      Ah, some Russian history? Thanks for the info. I’m going to look it up.. I love me some naval history. 🙂


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