Aching and trembling. 
Split in two; acting as one.
The divide digs deep.

A masochist, me? 
I love me some self-loathing 
And drown in sweet mud. 

Man in the mirror 
You reflect badly on me; 
It's your face I hate. 

I'll be decisive: 
Now let the image shatter!
Seven years bad luck.




    1. Haha, well you’ve given me something to chew on, there. 🙂
      Agreed on 2017!
      Hmm, not sure about my reflection(!)
      Haha well as Mr David Hume might say: “Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.”

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      1. Dark matter can not be seen…but I so seldom look in the mirror haha I’m not sure 😬 wolf sounds nice. even if sad. maybe need some kick in d butt. And then the sad one will become a “wolf” from the tale about 7 sheeps lol

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      2. Ah perhaps its better for our egos for us not to look in the mirror too much? 😀
        Haha well a kick in the butt would probably do some good! Yes I’m the sad wolf because I’m not as cunning as a wolf should be!
        I’m definitely not a sheep … haha my teacher told me these exact words when I was 8 or 9. Apparently I have an “independent mind”… which I hide beneath a more conventional exterior.

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