For my non-blogging friend, Miss L.:

Listen... just listen. 
Can you hear the Siren's song? 
Sweet, yet sinister. 

Time and time again.
The Siren's fucked you over. 
And now it's your turn. 

Just don't get too close. 
Try to be "Ulysses Max"
Hit that Siren hard. 

Self-respect's a sword: 
Blade of Personality. 
Slice with all your might. 

You've such a big heart. 
And you've touched so many souls:
They're lucky people. 

You've much more to give. 
I want to see it achieved. 
You'll survive -- and thrive!

You've won... so relax. 
Sit back, then give compassion 
To those who need it.




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