Keeping the mask on? 
It's proving most difficult. 
Slipping far too fast.

But honesty's good.
So perhaps it's for the best?
I really hope so.

I feel the mask's off.
So thank-you for listening.
Honesty? It works.




  1. gosh u almost…ok, very close, to the quote from my tomorrow’s post! aaaaaaaaaa :)) haha thats ok
    the quote is: “Give a man a mask, and he’ll tell you deeper and darker truths. But he’ll also be more abusive, unaccountable and demonic”. Cory Duchesne

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  2. Short yet meaningful and sweet. Your poems are indeed very beautiful. Some poems stand out because of their moral, and some because of the way you compose them. Beautiful blog to visit;

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    1. Well this is exceptional kind of you… I’ve not really done many before at all, so your vote of confidence is much appreciated. Very nice to be following you and I’ll look for your posts ASAP! 🙂

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