Inspired by a conversation with the excellent Amanda Lyle:


Comfy in kaftan?
It's Astral Projection time.
The Traveller smiles.

All is One is All.
Existence Precedes Essence?
Theosophy's Rules. 

And so it begins.
Tourist at the speed of soul?
Via Lacteae.

They pass all as one:
Each a sun to its children.
Every Star is Yours.

The sweet, primal hum 
Of the sweet, hugging Cosmos. 
Powerful; gentle.

To the Hub and back:
Twenty-six thousand light-years
In half a heartbeat.

Slowing to silence.
Transparent to Transcendence. 
Earth-fall is achieved.


  1. This has to be my new favourite (and not just because my name was mentioned 😜) You have a gift with words, my kaftan-wearing friend.

    I only wish my Astral Travels were half as amazing!

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    1. Haha well, it seems that our conversational perambulation yesterday did my ability to write words and stuff some good. 😉
      Haha, well, The Traveller in the poem might well be you? I didn’t say it was me. 😉 🙂

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      1. I was assuming you took flight into the cosmos last night! 😜 Well, I love it. Truly. It’s very inspiring indeed. I might have to have myself another Astral adventure! 😊

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      2. Haha an adventurous enough dream, but not quite on a cosmic scale. 😉
        Well I’m glad I can inspire a little, too. You are most generous.
        [Get that posh punch stirred, by the way… and don’t forget to cut the limes…] 😉


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