Sometimes, just sometimes
I've so much creative drive
I could write eight books.

Sometimes, just sometimes
I want to remind my friends
That they're fabulous. 

Sometimes, just sometimes
I could build Utopia
Brick by shining brick.

Sometimes, just sometimes
I can't see my reflection;
My confidence droops.

Sometimes, just sometimes 
My chest tightens, and I shake. 
Please just let this end. 

Sometimes, just sometimes 
I simply want to be held: 
It's all that I need.


  1. Beautiful poem Buffy. So much flow & creativity. (And BTW words that come to you quickly are a sign of intuition & this is a very good thing. Tap into that place. Herein lies your genius Buffy. Trust it.) 🌟💫

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    1. Thanks, Dr Andrea… that’s very kind of you to say. I didn’t really consider that about intuition, but it makes sense and does indeed sound like a good thing: thank you again for your view. I’m really pleased that you liked it. 🙂


    1. Ah, I’m sorry… believe me, if I could share some of my creativity (such as it is!) with you, I would.
      Hang on in there… better days are ahead, in all things; I guarantee it. 🙂
      I’m OK thanks: had a wobble earlier but kept myself busy, which helped. I hope yours has been OK too. xx

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      1. Mines been bad because I can’t work out. Three weeks dealing with my leg injury and it’s still no where near ready for activity. I think that’s why I’m struggling to write. I just don’t feel myself.

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      2. Three weeks is real tough… I’ve struggled with a similar inactivity myself when I was a big runner and got injured: it sort of had a negative effect on everything in my life.
        I do understand: physical activity becomes more than a hobby; it’s a way of being. Even trying to blog about it would probably get you down! 😦
        All I can say is, you’re not alone… It’s not much, but it’s something.

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      3. You’re very welcome — btw I sent you a private message on your other blog the other day; I probably sent it wrong(!) but it was largely an expression of sympathy.

        Haha I’m sure you’ll do fine… once you know what you’re going to write about, the hardest part’s over. Early last week I struggled to write 20 words. Mental exhaustion!

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      4. I go through writer’s block every couple of months or so. I know the trick is to just write something. Even if it’s shit. haha I apologize in advance for any crap I publish in the next bit.

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  2. Sometimes is one of my favorite words. I have to keep training myself not to include it (as a qualifier) in every sentence I use to describe myself.

    Sometimes though, I just can’t help it.

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    1. Haha, oh yes! 😀
      It’s a good word to cover ourselves, I think… just in case. Going around saying “always” and “never” means we’ve sort of committed ourselves. 😉

      As an aside, I seem to say “nevertheless”, a lot… shows my changeability, I think.

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