I'm hereby giving
Notice of my clear intent: 
Your days are numbered. 

We'll stay together;
We're not parting company.
But a change is near. 

Very, very soon
I'll kick your virulent ass
Firmly, and daily. 

You've been "boss" too long. 
We're due a power transfer. 
I. Will. Kick. Your. Arse.

You'll beg for mercy
And I will give you little 
'Cause I'll be in charge. 

You've made me cry hard
And curl up into a ball 
Shaking so wildly. 

You kicked me when down; 
You pushed me to the cliff's edge.
You're a vile bully.

But things often change;
I could only take so much. 
So now it's my turn.

New sheriff in town; 
New captain in the big chair; 
Time for you to run. 

So hear this clearly:
You might win a fight or two
But I'll win the war.




    1. I thank you, Amanda… just getting my array of steel-tipped boots lined up. πŸ˜‰
      I’m certainly feeling liberation!
      Nice to see you — actually I should have credited you for the poem’s inspiration, which I apologise for. ‘Twas remiss of me! :/

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      1. You are most kind… though really it’s your default setting. πŸ˜‰ Thankyou; yep it’s been a damn good week… life’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better. I think I’ve been talking to the right people(!)
        No joss sticks in the place, but as I say, life’s not perfect…

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      2. You need to get on the joss-stick wagon, my friend! You won’t regret it! πŸ˜‰

        I’m glad life’s been treating you well. Did you see a bit of sun today, too? It made an appearance today here in zummerset!

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      3. Something to look forward to, I think. πŸ™‚ If I’m not jossed up by the weekend, you must give me a sound verbal thrashing(!)
        Hmm… there were rumours of sun, but I was in cloudy Staffordshire for several hours, and it’s almost as if the sun’s not welcome there. Either that or a cloud’s following me around? Probably my aunt putting her gypsy curse on me. πŸ˜‰ Glad you got some. Summer’s nearly here… cider and Pimm’s all round!


    1. Thank you, Dr Andrea… I very much appreciate the comment. πŸ™‚
      Haha actually I think I surprised myself with the post at first! But I’m getting used to having that fire. πŸ”₯ πŸ˜€

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