Most emerald land 
Of passion and poetry;
Born in Celtic mists. 

Saint Patricius 
A Brit enslaved by pirates 
Made this land his home. 

Banisher of snakes; 
Noble, kind, compassionate;
The best of Irish.

Let's celebrate him 
With a quick raise of the glass; 
Warm, tasty whiskey. 

See you in Dublin! 
But until that most sweet time? 
See you in the pub.





  1. Over here in the land of ice and snow (and Canadian lager and rye…) we probably celebrate very wrong and understand very little about this particular day. It doesn’t mean we don’t try our hardest to get in the spirit. I know I won’t be near Dublin anytime soon and I won’t even be heading out to the pub but I will be raising a glass later…. and then watching The Boondock Saints because that is tradition 😛 Hope you have an eventful and inspiring weekend!

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    1. I doubt I’ll be in Dublin any time in the near future, either, sadly(!) But to be honest, if there’s something drink-worthy involved, then you’re pretty much celebrating the same way as the native Irish and their cousins. 😉 (Mind you, it’s to my regret that I’m not overly familiar with Canadian whisky, I must say…)
      Enjoy your drink and The Boondock Saints, Ms Mango — and have a fun, inspiring weekend, too! 🙂 😀


      1. Haha I’m just glad I’m still able to type. 😉 For once, drinking (under protest) helped me to write another post. Wow.
        I’m having SC too (*hic*) and, gosh, did I send two? My written verbosity is getting out of hand. 😉

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      2. It’s a good way to be! I might have to go to bed soon… I don’t think my body can take much more SC …or munchies, for that matter! 😳

        goodnight, drunken one. I look forward to your ‘drunken’ email 😂

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    1. Haha, sadly the new barman at my local pub’s a bit too new to do a good shamrock. But yes, as long as the glass is full, let’s not complain. 😉
      Sláinte! ☘️


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