Thankyou to the excellent blogger Mr Gabe Burkhardt for the inspiration.
Free verse, is this? Possibly. It is Sunday afternoon, after all....


Lost myself,
Found myself. 
After a long, dark time.
A joyous reunion. 

Like Dorothy & chums 
Meeting the Wizard,
I had my (re-)revelation: 
All the good stuff? 
There inside me. 
All along.
Just inaccessible
For a while. 
Quite a long while.

Campbell the Mythologist? 
He had his phrase: 
Follow Your Bliss. 
It's straightforward,
It really is. 
Not easy, however. 

Point is, though:
It's Your Bliss.   
No-one else's. 
Yours alone. 
Of a flavour and shape
Designed specifically 
Just for you. 

My own Bliss? 
A trident. 
Poseidon's big fork.
Three in one.
A trio
Of shiny prongs
Each denoting a smaller bliss:
[1] Creativity.
[2] Compassionate communication.
[3] Calm. 
Alliterative, but true.

This is my Bliss. 
Three in one.
I might want more from life
From time to time,
But this Trident's all I need
To feel complete. 

Let Bliss be your Boss.
Do you know yours?

Living your Bliss
Is not 'settling'. 
Far from it.
Though bitter people,
Unhappy in spite of 
Their ambitions & talents,
Might deride it as so.
Remember that.

So, one last comment 
About Bliss?
Find it, and know it 
Then follow it. 

It will lead you home.





Author: Buffy Devane

Anxietist; Cheerleader; Captain Posh.

23 thoughts on “TRIDENT OF BLISS”

  1. Yay! I’m famous 😉
    Seriously though Buffy, maybe it’s because we have similar kinds of crazy, but I really enjoy your prose (even the free verse 😉 )
    This in particular:
    I had my (re-)revelation:
    All the good stuff?
    There inside me.
    All along.
    Just inaccessible
    For a while.
    Quite a long while.

    Nailed it.

    I’ve finished writing my “rebuttal” and will publish this Wednesday (Sunday posts are for the fun/lighter stuff).

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  2. Life is short. Follow your bliss. ❤ I wish I could write like you – it seems so easy and free flowing (obviously it isn’t I should be aware of that struggle) I hope you find that forever kind if Bliss 😊 You have such a good heart. You deserve it.

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    1. Oh gosh, Bel, you are exceptionally kind to say all that. 🙂 Thank you so much; I hope I find the forever-bliss, too — and I hope you do, as well. 🙂
      And you write very well, believe me!

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