Bolt from the dark blue: 
Late on a languid evening
Panic invaded. 

I want so badly
To describe it all in verse
But that's for tonight. 

For now I'll keep calm,
Rebuild the walls of my home
And wish you peace, too.



      1. Yeah there’s nothing rational about it. Once we accept that, it doesn’t necessarily make it easier but it helps by not driving ourselves crazy trying to figure it out. I always tell people it’s like having a cold. It happens and you just have to ride it out. Just like a cold it will eventually go away. No sense trying to figure out where it came from, it just came, and it will go away. Probably no the best analogy, but it’s the best one I’ve ever had to explain it 🙂

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      2. It’s a very good analogy! I say ‘force of nature’ but that’s a bit more abstract, really.
        If & when we can let go of trying to understand the “why” then we certainly liberate ourselves, if nothing else. 🙂

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      3. I gave up on the “why” because there is no why. I hear that kid in the matrix somewhere, “there is no spoon” LOL But seroiusly, I can’t control it, even though I can avoid certain things that trigger it, like crowds, etc. But that doesn’t do away with the random “sneak attacks” Like when I’m brushing my teeth, or just walking through the house, eating dinner, you know, doing nothing and it hits. It’s a part of me. Not particularly my favorite part but still a part of me none the less.

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      4. Yes, I do understand… it’s all a part of accepting ALL the aspects of ourselves, isn’t it? Even the aspects that we don’t much like and that we’re not able to change.
        Thank you for the food-for-thought. 🙂

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