Sleep? I quite like you. 
Heck, I'd marry you right now 
If you would be mine.

It's now 2 am, 
I've chased you for many hours;
Still you elude me.

Maybe I'm worried
About my abused good friend
Or my depressed friend? 

Maybe I'm worried 
About myself? Money? Health? 
So many reasons... 

Maybe the reason 
Is currently beyond me? 
It's quite hard to say. 

Praise be for WordPress:
If I can't sleep peacefully? 
Then I can compose. 

If you're reading this
Thank you: I feel less alone.
Here's to better days!


  1. Yeah sleep is not my friend LOL. I’ve learned when it eludes me to just find things to do knowing it will come when it comes, and I will enjoy it. Naps are great ’cause I will take sleep in any form 🙂

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    1. LOL… I don’t know if it’s the “best” attitude but it’s the one I have to have. If I try to chase sleep it runs away faster 🙂 So, I just busy myself until it’s ready for me, then I jump on it 🙂

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