It seems a bit wrong to sigh with relief once Monday arrives -- yet this is so, this week. 

A welcome return to routine. 
A welcome return to normalcy. 
Regaining one's sense of orientation... which is essential.

Now, my normalcy isn't always so hot, involving as it does the usual yucky drudgery that most of us have to face, but at the same time, I've gotten to a point where I realise that taking too much on (both work and play) is foolishness-in-action. 

Some changes in my lifestyle are needed. And, while very anxiety-inducing, a wake up call is at least healthy in the long term. 

Happy Monday -- if possible [!]


Too much going on. 
Brain cells fried until crispy. 
Badly burned-out blues. 

Gloom descends quickly. 
Sadness stalks the sleepy mind. 
Resistance needed. 

The primary rule?
Take the best care of yourself.
Easy to forget. 

Activate Self-Care; 
Let your fighters gather strength; 
Soon all will be well.







      1. Hopefully. Except my train just stopped and all passengers were told to get off and walk. Not uncommon lately in this city.

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      2. They said a police operation up at Preston. A cop claiming to be from that station once tried to hassle me over God knows what whilst he was high on drugs. His female partner and junior was having the shift from hell and thanked me when I bent his mind and sat him in the back seat of his own squad car. Makes me puke. Police operation could mean they have the bucket bongs out with their pet dogs at Preston. Public transport is a joke in this city since it was privatized and a french corporation bought it. See the Bard’s blog. I am due to reblog a few anyway.

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      1. I stopped drinking wine, and It has made a small difference. I won’t drink while my body adjusts to the new meds. If I’m not any better by the end of this week, I will discontinue taking them.
        SUCKs to not have wine though 😦

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