Lost your way? 
Everything's too heavy? 
This won't last. 

Heart pounding incessantly? 
Head about to explode?
This won't last.

Feeling worthless?
Nerves shot to shit? 
This won't last.

Trust me, I'm your friend. 
I don't talk to bullshit you. 

Author: Buffy Devane

Anxietist; Cheerleader; Captain Posh.

18 thoughts on “LOST & FOUND”

  1. If only the one in this gloom could actually believe it…. but then it is amazing when someone also suffering can remind others that there is light. It is hard to accept the ‘it will get better’ from people who have never experienced it. But I will accept it from you!

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    1. Thank you Rebecca… I suppose it’s a bit like “blind faith” at times. As for me, in my time I’ve often felt quite bitter when hearing positivity from people who don’t have a clue about how bad things can get, so I know what you’re saying!
      Hang on in there. 🙂

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      1. Exactly. I mean, I can understand the desire for people to be ‘fixers’, but it does illustrate their lack of insight. Luckily it soon becomes easy spot the fixers from a distance, I think!

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