Mister Narcissist, 
And, of course, Ms Narcissist:
Kindly leave us be. 

I say, 'leave us be', 
Because I speak for friends, too
And we've had enough. 

You have your own pool 
Brimful of your self-loathing: 
Swim in it. Alone.

While we are damaged 
You will always feel alone 
And beyond repair.

Bitter truths, of course, 
But you tried to drag us down 
Into your foul pit.

Well, we're not coming; 
So let your crime of ego 
Be your torture, too.




    1. Yes; I think I surprised myself!
      It’s quite personal, sort of… apart from my own stuff, I’ve a friend who’s been treated cruelly recently. Haha it seems that in the absence of being able to actually do anything useful, I’ll post something.

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  1. Well said and right on point! You rock Admiral Buff!!!! 💜 Only one who has experienced loving and surviving (or trying to) the narcissist can truly understand the depth of their darkness!! They swallow you up whole, and spit you and you life out into little pieces and walk right over their destruction to the next target. Let’s keep bringing it into the light where there’s healing and love!

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    1. Why thank you, Karin. 🙂 I was inspired by a friend who’s had a terrible time this week, though I know the feeling too well. 😦 You said it right, there… and I think that shining light on the darkness helps it to slither away!

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    1. Ah yes — that seems to be a standard for doctors, I think? I’ve known a few personally and it’s certainly not company I’d seek out now! 😦 At least you know what they’re like, though, which makes it easier.

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