Until I met her
I didn't know beautiful;
Only something close. 

Until I met her 
I didn't know pure wonder; 
Just something like it. 

Until I met her
I didn't know peace of mind; 
But I know it now. 

She worked sweet magic; 
A gentle queen of white light 
And tender whispers. 

She came, then she went
Not knowing she'd helped me find 
My finest aspects.



Author: Buffy Devane

Anxietist; Cheerleader; Captain Posh.

6 thoughts on “TRILOGY (1) — LIGHT”

  1. awwww I didn’t know you felt this way about me Duffy HAHAHAHAHHAHA…sorry I couldn’t resist. This was beautiful, and a wonderful tribute to whoever you wrote it for (and we know it wasn’t me) 🙂

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