As I stagger, bucket of coffee in hand, towards the 1OO blogpost milestone [my aim for today, fingers crossed], the first thing that strikes me is how well I've done to get to this point, when way back in January, 1O posts seemed liked too many to complete. 

Secondly, I find myself in a reflective mood, not least because it's one of those rare enough easy-going days. 

So, a few of the things I've learned or had reinforced, since I began this whole blogging lark? 

[1] I enjoy being a haiku poet. Whether I've much talent in that regard is not relevant -- the fact is that I ENJOY it. Plus, all poetry is valid.   

[2] I love the diversity of voices on WordPress: as long as there's civility, I'll find that most opinions are valid, too. True diversity is more diverse than certain people think it is: it includes truly respecting the opinions of people we don't agree with, too!   

[3] Strawberry cider is my new poison of preference. The blogger who got me into it knows who they are -- and should take the appropriate credit and blame. 

[4] I'm a romantic. I knew this, but I'd forgotten how much -- for better or for worse. 

[5] I value friendship above all: that applies to friends since college, or friends I've known not very long at all. You just can't beat top chums. Some friends pass quickly thru our lives, some remain. Both are good.  

[6] I'm highly inconsistent. I think my life will be a constant striving to make my peace with this. Perhaps this is how it should be. 

[7] Openness and self-expression are essential for me to have a healthy mind and spirit. 

That is all... for now! 


    1. Gosh that is a VERY nice vote of confidence! You’re most kind, indeed. 🙂
      In turn I can say you’re immensely warm and inspiring, Dr Andrea: I’m grateful for that connection, too. Keep up your own excellent brand of magic! 😀

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  1. Six Times Yes! (it would be 7, but I haven’t tried the cider thing yet. Don’t know how well it will pair with Doritos and Whiskey… but I’m nothing if not bold with my culinary choices.)
    Your good people Buffy, and I hope that you’ll be around for many hundreds of posts more!

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    1. Haha, Doritos and whiskey works well for me, actually: and certainly I wouldn’t let either exclude the drinking of cider at some point, too… all as part of a balanced diet, y’understand. 😉
      You are too kind, Gabe: likewise it’s very nice to be appreciated by someone who’s good people himself!

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