OK, it's going to be a one hundred word free verse poem for blogpost #1OO. 
Just something simple.
I'm enjoying refining my own personal sense of verbose brevity, after all [!]

Anyway, a warm thank you to everyone who's stopped by this blog so far, and read, liked or commented on my posts since I began blogging. Every word has been much appreciated.

No matter where we are in our journey, I think most anxious depressives are very appreciative of warmth, kindness and support... it's not just useful, it's essential. 

Thank you for being my chum.


What am I? 
Silly soliloquist? 
Depressive dilletante? 
Happy haikuist? 
Anxious serenitist?
Male feminist? 
Romantic cynic? 
Wonderfully wise?
Introspective idiot? 
Suave chump? 
Boozy oaf?
Deliciously foolish?
"Admiral Buffy"? 
"Captain Posh"? 
All of the above? 

It's all good. 
So, will I ever grow up? 
I doubt it. 
My personal credo? 
Child-like... but not child-ish.
I hope.
Not because I'm indifferent; 
Rather, because I care too much 
About the world's pain and its problems.
It is what it is.
Anyway, my First Mate and reader; 
Set a course for the way home: 
Second star to the right -- 
And straight on 'til morning.



      1. Would you trade it? To be a sheep like most, just following the herd and never looking up? I can’t say that I would, as hard as it is… I’ve grown to like my way of seeing things, just have to be careful what I look at, lol ❤

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      2. I get what you’re saying: I can’t imagine I’d really want to trade my vision and my strongly-related sense of self (which has been with me most of my life, of course).
        Haha if you asked me on one of my worst days, you might not get that answer, though(!!)
        “Just be careful what I look at” — good sense!

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    1. Haha thank you — I feel I should open a bottle of something. 😉
      And you’re very kind indeed: it still takes a while to get over my school kid conditioning that my poems need rhyme and specific rhythm…!

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      1. Haha well if you ARE a dork then you’re in good company while I’m around: sadly (and perhaps madly), I’m starting to try to think up rhymes in my head now: an off-shoot of insomnia, I’m sure. 😉

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      2. Hahaha – I don’t know about that. I think you might kick my rhyming ass. But I’d wadger booze on it. Of course, I can’t drink it for a few weeks, but the day will come when me and my wine will reunite as one.
        As soon as my body adjusts to these damn happy pills.

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  1. That’s one of the great things about blogging, isn’t it? We are able to wear all of our hats. Love the anxious serenitist, but you’ve become Admiral Buffy to me 😉
    Cheers to 100. At this rate, you’ll be tributating (not tributizing because that’s not a real word, obviously) the Charge of the Light Brigade as you ride out with your 600 before we know it. And I’ll be looking forward to adding my cheesy comment to cap it off.

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    1. “Tributating” is another one I’ve noted down to use later(!) — not sure on 600 posts, though… right now I think I’ll be cautious and just hope I can manage to grind out Post #101 by the end of the week: which with my current in-tray looks only half-likely!
      But of course I can’t deny you your cheesy comment, good sir, so I’ll get onto it…[!]
      Admiral Buffy salutes you, Captain Gabriel. 😉

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