Pretty grim subject matter, really...


Gentle post-meridiem, 
All smooth and sunlit. 
Yet turbulent beneath:
Thunderbolts aplenty;
Cyclones and sourness.

"They attempted to end it all."
How does it sound? 

In my head, the voice of
The obsequious butler:
"Has Sir considered apathy instead?" 
Sir has, indeed: 
Just before he rejected it.

Does it matter how well I know them? 
Brother, sister, or stranger: 
The fact that they tried
Is bad enough.
Once is too many times.

I look to myself,
Having little else useful to do:
Not a heart bleeding,
But blood-red with rage
At the shitty way of things.

Bring out BrΓΌnnhilde
To give us a big tune:
Let the trumpets touch the sky;
Self-righteous or not,
Voices need to be heard.

Is it haughty indignation?
Or something entirely valid? 
Many questions.
Few answers.
If any. 

So should I punch the pillow? 
Or lay my head on it?
I'd like some good sleep. 
It used to be a hobby,
Now it's the Holy fucking Grail.


      1. It’s for the better. It helps you get it out AND whether you know it or not it helps other people who are out there struggling through and think they are all alone. You are probably helping someone else out there, more than you will ever know πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, very much. πŸ™‚ Yes, “apathy” is sometimes necessary (not least due to wanting self-protection), but not often desirable! I’m trying to write something else about passion vs apathy. Time will tell…


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