If you have suffered
And truly know the suicidal pain 
Of gut-wrenching depression?
Then you are a survivor. 

If people have hurt you 
And made you feel worthless
But you know, deep down, you deserve better?
Then you are a fighter. 

If your own problems
Have made you hurt or overlook others 
But you're sorry and want to make amends?
Then you are a good person. 

If panic has taken so much of your life away 
But you badly want it back
And plan to one day kick anxiety's ass?
Then you are a badass. 

If you know the pain of
What some might call 'failure'. 
But you want you and your friends to do better? 
Then you are a winner. 

So... let's see? 
You're a survivor, a fighter, 
A good person, a badass, and a winner. 
Well, my friend... I'm proud to know you.



      1. Absolutely! And yes… you do well because I think your own positivity is infectious. 🙂
        Some people’s positivity feels exclusive and off-putting, for sure. And I’m not keen on what some call “bland platitudes” …positivity needs to be authentic, definitely.


  1. “I bow to you” is how I would title this post.

    I am in awe of anyone & everyone challenged by mental illness. Life is difficult as it is. Add in the weight of depression and you live 5 times the life at 1/5 the advantage.

    THE UPSIDE = As you’ve described in your post. Strength is made in the darkest of times.

    I bow to you Buffy. I bow to you. 🌷

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    1. Haha you’ve given it a better title than I did, I think(!) A great way to put it.
      And you’re absolutely right: times of darkness can add steel to our bones… it’s hard to hear people’s stories sometimes, but the warmth and inspiration I see and hear alongside is beautifully life-affirming. 🙂
      I bow to you, too, Dr Andrea: thank you for the kindness and wisdom. Keep up the good work. 🙂 🌷

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