Misty, cloudy mind;
I feel too disconnected.
My thoughts need order. 

I understand now: 
"Out of sync" and "out of reach"; 
Two perfect phrases. 

What would I give, now? 
To feel attached to the world? 
A priceless feeling. 

The mistake I make? 
In feeling fleeting despair
To be permanent. 

Each day? It brings gifts:
Hope and possibility.
So we must reach out. 

Write yourself a note: 
Stick it on your fridge.



Author: Buffy Devane

Anxietist; Cheerleader; Captain Posh.

15 thoughts on “MISERY AIN’T PERMANENT”

    1. If the pharmaceutical assistance helps out, that’s great to hear… but don’t underestimate the part you’re playing in your recovery, too(!) Wonderful. πŸ™‚

      And thank you — that’s very kind of you to say. I’m getting “islands of calm/peace”… sadly the biggest islands are in the early hours of the morning: at least insomnia means I get some good, calm hours in every day(!)

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