Foulness in the air. 
The heady aromas of awfulness.
Bitterness surrounds. 
Dark days.
Dreary days. 
Days of ice cold apathy. 

If you've any energy left at all?

For fuck's sake: smile.

Even if it's a bad one,
Or a slightly embarrassed half-smile: 
If it has warmth in it, it'll do.

Give out as many smiles as you can. 
Because, after all? 
For some people that you smile at? 
It will be the only warm thing 
They'll get in their life today. 

Be the pinprick of starlight; 
Be the stab of blazing light;
The blazing light of sweet humanity 
Amid the freezing darkness.

A single smile is a flame
That sets souls and dreams alight.


      1. That’s good Buffy. I pray those smiles all become as real for you as they are for the people who see you smiling. I was faking a few smiles today. A little sad this morning but nothing catastrophic thank God. I was in the store smiling at people and thought of you 🙂 I was going to tell you today, thanks for the smiling advice I had 3 people follow me home LOL. 😉

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      2. Haha as long as they’re nice people following you home, all is well. 😉
        I’m sorry you felt low this morning… but I’m glad you could get a few smiles in: they can inspire more smiles, so it can be an “everybody wins” thing — albeit in a small way!

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