Hmm, in a subtly romantic mood, eh Buffy? How peculiar. 
And it doesn't seem to have been the wine, either...

Anyway, it makes a refreshing change, preoccupied as I have been with anxiety and the wellbeing of chums recently. 

This has its genesis in an intriguing conversation with a lovely and inspirational lady in a beautiful country pub this lunchtime... sometimes the country pub days make the other days bearable [!] 


Let me see True Love:
The sweet nectar of one soul 
Poured into twin cups.

Grown ups? They settle.
The sane, sensible option: 
So I won't take it.  

I've settled before: 
It brought misery to all;
My heart not in it.

Love with all your might: 
The heart, mind, body and soul
Must all be adored. 

I'll love, unreserved: 
Immature yet absolute;
For that's who I am.





      1. Ah yes… I know that feeling; I feel swamped if I’m away for a while!
        Right now I’m “middling”, thank you for asking… joy and some misery, every day!
        I hope you’re in relatively good spirits?

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      2. That’s where I am… swamped and feeling like a very bad blog-friend. I suppose ‘middling’ is better than it could be. I’d say I’m ‘middling’ too. Feeling stronger than I was, but forgot about blogging for a little while and I’ve suffered for it. Writing is the true release ❤

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      3. That’s true… but don’t forget, ‘middling’ is much better than things could be!
        Well, I hope you don’t worry too much about being a bad blog-friend… from what I get from people on here, absences are all part of the creative ebb and flow(!)

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  1. You did not see me at the pub 😉 now that I got that joke out of the way 🙂 “And it doesn’t seem to have been the wine, either…” LOL Thank you for the laugh!! This is wonderful and yes don’t settle. You deserve all the love back at the level you give it out!!

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  2. We so see alike in this matter, Buffy! The way I figure it, I paid my dues to “sensibility” earlier in life, and no further dues are owed now. I’d rather be free to love whom I can than be obliged to love just one person alone.

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      1. That’s indeed good to hear.
        Well for a long time I basically shut myself off from my feelings (friendships and romance) as a result of a bit of an extended “dark night of the soul” (as it were) so I suppose in many ways I’m learning to rediscover/embrace my feelings, all over again. It’s good.

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