Why so damn anxious? 
Think you're a big fat failure? 
Not giving enough? 

You feel left behind? 
Useless with a flabby mind? 
And no direction?

If you can... relax.
Things happen when they happen:
To each a season. 

Don't seek approval:
Our only judge and jury
Is simply ourself.

On the road of life 
We don't race anyone else:
Move to your own beat.


    1. Me too: sometimes it requires real effort to not compare, which can feel near-impossible if we’re feeling anxious/tired.
      The rational mind all too often takes a back seat, sadly. 😦


  1. indeed! ‘to each a season’. 😀 wise words and I a message that needs to be reinforced over and over until we all realise that we are human and all have flaws and assets and some flaws are assets and other are flaws. 🙂

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  2. It’s so easy to make comparisons between yourself and others. That’s helped along by how many people are willing to compare you to others, too. I think, though, that we’re happier to the extent we can root out the practice.

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    1. I think you’re right: I think such comparisons seem to belong to a desire to ‘compete’ that may, perhaps, be a little juvenile (for want of a better word!) in such circumstances (unlike, say, wanting to compete in an environment like sport).

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