Monday again? Wow. The days can be long but the weeks are short...
This non-haiku is inspired [such as it is] by a dream:



Soaking in soft psychological suds?
Get out of that warm bath; 
It's time to get hikin'. 

Get out of my head! 
Don't be singing, full-throated,
The Ballad of Chevy-Chase. 

Lord Northumberland
Or Lord Douglas; 
Which old antagoniser am I?

A bitterly grey afternoon 
Searching for singular bits of my mind
On the cool, rolling Cheviot Hills. 

Mad Scots and Englishmen? 
They'll fight 'til the day's done.
The tribes are familiar to me: 

Spoiling for a scrap
They reflect my inner-combat,
And the impossibility of peace.

I know full well I'm not alone.
And yet? 
I am... oh God, I am.

Battered by storms and doubts 
I charge for the cottage; 
The neutrality zone.

Safely inside,
I deliriously bolt the door
And check the tinted windows.

Blackout curtains shut?
I then will myself
Into meditation.

I've shut it out,
The whole of the virulent world
And I am alone.

But I forgot, didn't I?
My own worst enemy;
He who hates so much. 

I'm alone with him now;
We've a board game to play:
He won't stop 'til he's won.

Think of me, won't you? 
Sitting quietly in this cottage;
A half-happy prisoner.

I won't give in just yet:
Trying to maintain resistance 
From one minute to the next.



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