Continuing today's theme of Buffy's laugh-a-minute, "tremendous fun Tuesday" [with my apologies for the mild sarcasm]...


Out of coherence:
Blurred image in the mirror
Staring back at me.

How to move forward?
Holding my soul together
With mere safety pins. 

So: All will be well...?
Sometimes it feels not enough
To know this is true.




      1. I wanted to comment on your latest post, though WordPress is not delivering my comments on other people’s pages today (!) Gits.
        I hope you find some of that stable ground you mentioned — though you might feel fuzzy at times, you’ve a good head on your shoulders. šŸ™‚

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      2. Thank you. I think I just feel off with each dosage increase. It takes a week or so for my body to adjust. At worst, I realize these aren’t the meds for me, and I try something else.

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      3. Yes… it’s a shame it takes so long for adjustment, isn’t it? But yes, you’re really giving this a go, and it might just pay off in some way. Certainly, you’re trying something that I’m scared to go back to, and I very much admire that! Kudos to you, my friend. šŸ™‚

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  1. Just tonight, Buffy, the thought occurred to me, “Why not make a ‘Poetry’ folder in your bookmarks, Paul, and save the very best of all those wonderful poems you’ve been coming across on the net so that you can plagiarize them later at your leisure. Naturally, the first “best of the best” poem I decided to bookmark was this one. I just can’t wait now to plagiarize read it again and again over the years. Seriously, thanks for composing this!

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