Just stopping by here in the middle of trying to cope with a too-full In-Tray, and realising that I need to come here and spend more time reading all my fellow bloggers' fine posts... 

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that Tuesday is the cruellest day of the week(!) 


Wires? Crossed. 
Fuses? Blown. 
Circuits? Shorted. 
Thoughts? Contorted. 
Psyche? Bent. 
Mind? Melted. 

Give me time, from time to time;
Give me space to breathe: 
Wonderful, much-needed oxygen 
For lungs, skin, mind and soul.


  1. I usually look forward to the time I have for reading other blogs. One of the most enjoyable things about blogging is having the leisure to discover the views and attitudes of other people.

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    1. Definitely — I marvel at the thought and time some bloggers put into their posts. It’s very important for us all to read/hear the views that we might not have or agree with, I think… helps to broaden the mind, and there’s too much narrowness of viewpoints in the world — at least in my experience.

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