Words, words, words.
Words pouring from my sore head 
Onto the screen; black on white.
Not quite a symphony in ink; 
But near enough, yes? 

Too many doubts and fears? 
Too much crap clogging up 
The pipes in your mind? 
Clean out the rotten system.

All the people
Picking apart pain;
Chugging the balm
From sleek Olympian chalices; 
Calming nectarous merriment.

But fear is invading; 
A fleet of scares and sorrows
Including the fear of fear itself:
Muscles twitch and limbs shake; 
Will I be whole again?

Three colours of my moods:
Gold, silver and blue.
Not enough of the former,
Too many of the last: 
Improvement needed fast.

Hope for the best. 
Pray for the best. 
Prepare for the worse. 
It was ever thus.
Wasn't it?

Twice trapp'd: 
Alone on the outside;
Alone on the inside. 
Doubly damned?

Set up the board, nicely. 
Do I play for checkmate? 
Or another option?

I move my pieces;
So does my opponent. 
I simply don't want to lose.
But is that enough?
Enough for victory?

Wednesday continues apace. 
Hours are long, days are short;
The sun will soon set in the west.
Just a game -- but the result? 
Time will tell.




      1. Thank you, Margaret… sadly I have nothing to offer, blog-wise. I’m treading water at the moment, but will be back on here a bit more in the near-future.
        Very nice to hear from you. Take it easy. 🙂

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      2. You are missed my friend. But I get it, sometimes all we can do is all we can do :):) Praying for you that you reach the shore and look forward to seeing your beautiful words again. They are a real blessing as are you . If you need anything, I’m here :):)

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  1. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of this charged piece, but the initial refrain reminded me of the scene from an old movie “Cabin Boy” where the recently devirginized hero proudly proclaims “These pipes are clean!” while triumphant music plays in the background.

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      1. Houseworking like a beaver! Doesn’t happen very often 🙂 🙂 I had a long coffee break with a friend with a whole heap of troubles and came away feeling thankful. Take care!

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      2. Haha you’re living up to your ‘restless’ moniker, I see (!) I’m just finishing up my own ‘spring clean’… it’s taken me 5 and a half months, but I got there in the end. 😉 😀
        Ah yes, friends’ problems can indeed give us a better sense of perspective in life… sometimes we definitely need to look beyond ourselves to see/appreciate the luck that we do have.
        Take care too!

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