One of the most beautiful, bittersweet things I’ve read in a long time….


Loneliness is the quietest explosion you’ll ever [not] hear


It explodes peacefully in never-ending waves; breaking against the shoreline of our hearts

There is no sound of exploding on the outside

The sound is all on the inside

We are alone and at one with that sound

The hurt sits concealed and contained under our sagging skin

No one knows we are feeling lonely, unless we say we are

But we don’t say we are, do we

Loneliness is something which is felt, but rarely expressed or shared

Maybe you can imagine I’m lonely by the bowed head, the down-turned once sparkling now grey eyes, the way my shoulders slump and my wrists turn inward- protecting myself, not letting anybody in; because we don’t expect anyone to want to be let in

Or maybe you are too busy to notice me, after all I am invisible, aren’t I?

or at least I feel I am


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    1. Why thank you, Gabe… it’s very nice to hear from you. 🙂 Sadly I’m floundering in my writing at the mo (life ain’t much fun right now, to put it mildly) but I’m going to try to make it my aim to blog in spite of having nothing insightful to say. Haha a challenge! 😉

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      1. Sure Buffy, I think I might understand (Have been in and out of funks since late March.) But for me, writing, even if it’s garbage, seems to help. Helps focus my thoughts outward for a bit, and maybe I stay a bit more connected.

        We’ll all be around to follow whenever your keyboard fingers get itchy!

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      2. I’m very sorry the funks have been nearby for a while… I think you’re right about writing & focusing: and that feeling of connection can be essential (or the next best thing). No evidence of your writing garbage, though!
        I thank you… haha even if I have to grind out the most rubbish haiku in the world, I’m gonna do it, and soon. 😉

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