I see you drifting; 
Drifting away. 
Far away. 

I'm moving away from you; 
Still standing firm
On my slice of driftwood.

Am I one for groups? 
I'm not follower, nor leader. 
Am I one to 'belong'?

I'm not always comfortable
Revealing the full contents 
Of my overcharged mind. 

I'm content this must be so. 
But at the same time? 
Truly devastated. 
Do I belong elsewhere, now?
A dilettante Diogenes 
In a cabin made of driftwood?




  1. neither follower nor leader, you do belong. The group doesn’t have a name, and its members are usually silent. But this is the place I’ve come to call home.

    And thank you for stretching my vocabulary. I had never heard of Diogenes (or diogenes syndrome). Aside from a tendency to hoard garbage/and or animals (give me an empty, dark, cool, simple space any day), I feel like this could be me too;)

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    1. Very nicely said, Gabe. 🙂
      And you’re welcome — yes, the syndrome’s a bit of a misnomer, I think (I’m a definite minimalist, coming as I do from a family of hoarders)… but yes, reading about Diogenes is where I heard the “citizen of the world” phrase. Some of us feel that way more than others, I think, but it’s certainly a good feeling!

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