Life's orange, I'm blue;  
Screaming some noiseless war-cry.  
Best guess? Out of reach.

Rasping throatily;
My voice struggles to be heard. 
Full disconnection?

Kids masquerading
As urbane philosophers?
Smug snobbery rules.  

Wisdom does not shout;
It's there to be discovered
In a quiet space.

Alone or lonely?
I will grudgingly accept
Sweet Solitude Blues.

Life's orange, I'm blue; 
Screaming some noiseless war-cry. 
Verdict? Out of time.


  1. How are you doing, Buffy? 🙂 🙂 I noticed you ‘passing by’. It’s the time of year for looking up old friends, isn’t it? Hope life hasn’t been too hard, though your absence suggests otherwise. Wishing you peace this Christmas.

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    1. Thankyou very much, Jo… yes it’s an all-too-brief stop by, but I couldn’t not come on here before tomorrow.
      I’m hoping to spend lots more time here in 2018 — though a few unpleasant things happening in quick succession recently have cut down my free time a fair bit!
      But I’m well & in good spirits (though anything but prolific), and I have to say, it’s very pleasing to see that your restlessness has not abated!
      Wishing you a happy & peaceful Christmas. 🙂


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