Six verses; six syllables a line...


I've been trapped in a cage.
But until recently
I hadn't seen the bars. 

I've been utterly blind.
But until recently
I'd thought my vision sharp. 

I've been drowning in tar. 
But until recently
I'd believed I could float. 

Older, sadder, wiser?
At least the middle term
Remains open to change.

Eyes open to the light: 
Is it ever too late
For illumination? 

Thinking on this question
I say now, loud and clear: 
Never. Never. Never.



    1. It’s lovely to hear from you, Dr Andrea… a wonderful vote of confidence from you amid a difficult time, but one on which I feel I’m taking some big steps forward. 💫🌟
      And thank you — I’m trying to balance positivity, frankness and brevity… so I’m really glad you’re liking what I’m posting! 🙂

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