If I were to say:
"I really like Mr Trump!" 
Would you despise me? 

Should I deride you
For your quick intolerance?
Big, angry questions. 

Anyway, it's all
Highly hypothetical. 
So let's all relax.


      1. He’s a bit ridiculous. Being a neighbouring country it’s worrisome for me. At least he isn’t my president. I would have not choice but to marry aboard and leave my beloved home. For at least four years lol

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      2. Ah, too close for comfort?
        Haha yes, a Trump-hating American friend of mine has a “digital countdown clock” until the 2021 presidential inauguration… 1400 days or something.? My friend was flirting with applying for Canadian citizenship — not sure how serious she was being [!]

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      3. Haha that sounds more plausible. 😉
        What’s that expression? “In bed with an elephant”? The bigger nation, being the elephant, is sadly perhaps less mindful of the mindset of the smaller one. 😉


      1. Ah yes, the Russian dimension… that makes sense, of course!
        In the UK the common consensus seems to be (from my perspective) that the US electorate was given a poor choice in 2016. After that, views are somewhat mixed!

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    1. Oh, those Official Poetry Rules…

      Of course, I was referencing Ken Trump, the kindly president of a Used Car Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 😉
      *looks around nervously and wonders if that was plausible*

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