Laugh? Heartily. 
Love? Passionately. 
Give? Whatever you can spare. 
Dance? Whenever the mood takes you. 
Look? All around you. 
Listen? To wisdom, and your friends. 
Live? As though it's your last day on Earth. 

Life? A journey thru thick forest; 
Each path taken is unique. 
If you feel all things more deeply? 
Your path will be darker, more scary; 
Filled with many more snakes and lions.
Simply acknowledge this to be true 
Then just keep on walkin'. 

And then? Push thru the Crowds of Negativity, 
Wade thru the muddy Waters of Inertia, 
Climb the Cliffs of Despondency, 
Kick the Ass of Anxiety,
Honk the Nose of Depression, 
Then heartily declare yourself 
Captain of your own Soul.



  1. Wauw Buffy! I think I need to come back and read this every day!! Such uplifting words to get out of the darkness…. that last phrase lifted my mind up high and made me smile ear to ear. 😀 😀 😀

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